Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hermitage Flagship Wine Store - One Marina Boulevard

The 1000 sqft shop is strategically located at One Marina Boulevard ( previously known as NTUC Centre) The retail side of the store known as "The Library" is packed floor to ceiling with wines, and follows the small one-off trader tradition of good European wine store concept. The concept, a cross between a wine bar and a wine shop, offers fine wines and light food from 7am to 10pm.

It is designed to encourage customers to try better quality wine without burning a hole their pockets . These would be of better value customers would normally have to pay exorbitant mark-ups in various wine bars around the Central Business District . Hermitage makes this affordable to many by charging a minimal corkage fee for wine drunk in store, whatever the value of the bottle.

The design of Hermitage employs different display methods to imply quality - simple shelving at the front melts back into more individual shelving formed from high quality wine packing cases for fine wines at the rear. Bottles stored in high level racks are accessed with the help of a chunky and functional mobile library ladder. Cozy interior sitting areas known as the "Burrow" is provided for those lingering over wine tasting and food from the compact rear kitchen.